Goodwin Electric is the company you need FOR ELECTRICAL MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS

For electrical wiring inspection for any size building, Goodwin Electric LLC can transpose our services to meet any electrical project. We have worked hard over the years to insure our reputation as the team to go to for outstanding electrical maintenance and repair services. Our team is fully accredited by the state of South Carolina to give you peace of mind.

Insure YOUR valuables by scheduling regularly scheduled testing of electrical systems

To avoid possible destruction of valuables and property damage, Goodwin Electric can keep emergency lighting and fire alarm systems working properly by conducting regularly scheduled testing of emergency lighting  and electrical inspections to avoid possible disaster and save you money  

 electrical REPAIRS 

When electrical malfunctions arise either in wiring, appliances, or faulty power supplies. Goodwin Electric expertise can troubleshoot the issue and map out a cost effective solution to fit within any budget. At Goodwin Electric have have seen and fix a lot of domestic and commercial electrical problems!

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